Apple crisps 50g

Ingredients: 100% dried apple slices

Net weight: 50g


Apple crisps are nothing more than apples cut into slices and dried with warm air. They are much healthier than fried potato chips, which contain a minimum of 30% fat, usually palm fat. These crunchy rings not only provide fewer calories, but are also a source of fiber, vitamin C and iron. Apple crisps are perfect at home, at work, at school and on the go. They satisfy the appetite for unhealthy snacks without causing remorse. They are ideal for children and anyone craving something sweet while staying healthy. Dried apples can be eaten straight from the package or added to your favourite cakes, desserts and compotes. Our dried apples do not contain any preservatives, dyes or flavour enhancers which makes them a perfect, healthy choice for an everyday snack.



Dried apple crisps are an ideal snack and a perfect as a replacement for conventional sweets and traditional chips. We recommend it for munching both for children and adults.


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