Beet Horseradish Relish

Beet horseradish relish

Horseradish itself has plenty of health benefits and together with beetroots they create really powerful combo. Beets can support your digestive system and alleviate inflammation. They are packed with nutrients such as folate, manganese, copper and potassium. Horseradish is naturally antibacterial, helps with digestion and speeds up metabolism. It is also full of nutrients such as calcium, folate, magnesium, potassium and zinc to name just a few.

Our beet and horseradish relish is made of grated beetroots and horseradish roots with a touch of sugar and vinegar to elevate the flavours. It will add a kick to your steaks, burgers and other meats including cold cuts. We love to mix it with vegetables or add to sandwiches. It also pairs perfectly with eggs. Some of our clients use it as a dip for raw vegetables or nachos.


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Ingredients: Grated beetroot 80%, horseradish 8%, water, sugar, vinegar, acidity regulator, lemon acid, salt

Packed: Glass jar

Net weight: 300g

Keep refrigerated after opening


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