The essence of Sedno

Our mission is clear: making healthy living delicious. We want to provide you with wholesome premium organic products. We want you to be absolutely certain that buying from us, means you get just the good stuff, no preservatives, no colorants, no sugar, just fruit and veg at their finest.

The person behind it 

We are often asked how we came up with the idea. Well, the story is simple. Sedno has roots both in Poland and in Singapore. Joanna Szwaja-Jacuta, the founder of the company, was born in Poland but herself and her family spent many years living and working in Asia. After a couple of years in Malaysia, they decided to move to Singapore – the land of opportunities. Her family loves it here, they are Permanent Residents and the kids go to local schools.
Joanna Szwaja-Jacuta – founder of Sedno

The Polish roots 

Back in Poland Joanna’s family had been involved in food production for many, many years. Growing up she was surrounded by farmers showing off their finest products, her parents and their friends were always talking about better, more natural ways of growing vegetables, new varieties etc. It was natural for her to look for similar, healthy products in Asia. And since she is a community- and people-oriented person, she quickly thought of bringing all those goodies to Singapore and sharing them with the locals.

The Singaporean dream 

The beginnings were humble: Joanna started with what she loved the most: delicious apples and nutrient packed blueberries from Poland. It was a bumpy road; first small quantities of blueberries were sold in very large packets; you may remember these oversized boxes from the stores. The Polish producer could not understand that Singaporeans are used to buying just 125 grams. In Poland the most commonly used packet contains half a kilo of berries! The fruits were so good that they sold out within days. Joanna became known in the Polish community in Singapore as Joanna of the Apples. This is when she started dreaming about her own brand. Being a self-made woman, she managed to create it in just a couple of months. In September 2020 she sold the first product under Sedno brand.

The present

Our clients often tell us: the healthy products you sell became a part of our daily routine. And we couldn’t be happier with that! We want to offer not only the best organic foods but also the best service and customer experience. We are also committed to doing our business responsibly and in a sustainable way. Make sure to check our website regularly as we will be bringing more and more healthy foods to Singapore. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and healthy living tips and tricks.




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