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Locally made, available worldwide.
Making healthy living delicious.
Taste, health & fair trade.

Locally made, available worldwide

Sedno. Who we are.

Our real love is food. But not just any food, food that is made locally and with passion.

That is why every time we look for a new product we start with careful selection of our contractors.

We meet many of them and we choose the ones we trust and understand the most, those that prefer great flavour and health benefits over mass production. And we ask them which of their goods are the finest, which are the healthiest, which they bring home to share with their families. And then we try them all! Yes, we will not lie, our job is the best!

Do not worry, we do not eat it all! Our mission is to bring those most delicious and healthy premium products to your table. We want you to benefit from those otherwise undiscovered treasures.

We love food because it is our way of making a difference.

Making healthy living delicious

Our products

Cucumbers in brine
Pickled cucumbers with chilli

Cherry jam with ginger
Blackcurrant jam with cardamon
Blueberry jam
Strawberry jam with cinnamon

Aronia juice
Aronia & apple juice
Aronia juice & flax

Honeydew honey
Linden honey
Multi-flower honey

Taste, health & fair trade

Our producers



Its founder began his career as a scientist perfecting new plant cultivars. Few people in the world know more about berries than him. Now his company is covering the entire process from growing the best varieties of the healthiest fruits (mostly aronia berry and blackberry) to processing and producing premium plus products.


He strongly believes that we are what we eat which is why he himself supervises every step of production. You will see his creative thinking in unusual combinations of flavours like in our bestselling Cherry jam with ginger or Blackcurrant jam with cardamom. Yummy!


They managed to create a beekeeping farm famous for highest quality products. But their passion did not stop there. They created a laboratory to make sure that their honey meets the strictest criteria, a museum where you could see how beekeepers worked years ago, and they even run a bee-themed restaurant where you can try their delicious products!

Find us

For individual clients

Here is a list of online and pop-up stores in which you can buy our products:

Online shopping

Zenxin Organic
14 Pasir Panjang #01-25
Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre
Singapore 110014

218 Pasir Panjang Road #01-11
Singapore 118579

Simply Health
58 Seng Poh Road #01-27
160058 Singapore

The Food Cellar
39 Lowland Road
Signapore 547441

Eat Organic Pte Ltd
619H Bukit Timah Road
269728 Singapore

German Market Place
609 Bukit Timah Road
269710 Singapore

LPB Market
4 Kensington Park Road
557256 Singapore

For corporates

Looking to purchase Sedno’s premium food products for your business? Great! You have come to the right place. Register below or and we will be happy to set up a meeting to provide you with more information about our products and wholesale pricing.

Sedno Trading Pte Ltd
37a Hongkong Street
059676 Singapore


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