Organic aronia berry juices tips and tricks

You often ask us what the best way is to enjoy our organic aronia berry juices. We have listened and decided to share our favourite ways of incorporating them into your daily routine. Staying healthy does not need to be a sacrifice, to the contrary it can be a delicious pleasure. And now more than ever we really need that extra dose of antioxidants and nutrients. We know from our clients that in the last year many have become aware of the importance of boosting your immune system to make sure your body is in tip-top shape.

Start slowly with just a 100 ml daily

First of all, you should know that our juices are so packed with nutrients that we advise to start with just a shot – say a 100 ml per day. It will allow you to feel the benefits and once you get used to it, you can increase the amount.

Mix it with water


Joanna, the founder of Sedno, likes to have her organic juice in the evenings. She normally mixes it with water. Did you know that just like red wine aronia berry has a lot of tannins? Our organic pure aronia juice actually tastes very much like that glass of red you enjoy so much. So, we recommend pouring your potion in a wine glass for that extra feeling of relaxation. If you want to go further and be even more decadent, we recommend pouring it into cocktail glass and throwing in a couple of ice cubes, maybe even decorate with a slice of orange, and you will feel like you are in a spa in Bali.

Add it to your smoothie

If, like us, you care about your health, you probably already know that smoothies are one of the best ways to incorporate more fruit and veg into your diet. They are easy to make and delicious! Our aronia juices boost the nutrients content of any cocktail. We have an extra tip for you: if you ever need to sweeten up you smoothies, use one of our organic honeys. Not only are they delicious but also organic, and they will benefit your health unlike any other sweetener.

Freeze it

We all know how hot Singapore can be. Those sweaty days when all you can think of is jumping into the pool to cool off and later relax in the sunbed… We have a great tip for you! Freeze any of our organic aronia berry juices in an ice cube maker and simply pop it into your water. It’s super easy and gives you not only the refreshment you need so badly, but also a constant boost of nutrients and antioxidants. We recommend putting the ice cubes in your bottle of water, it will make it cold much longer and keep you healthy.

Turn it into ice-cream

If you have children, you are most likely concerned that they eat too many sweets. That’s probably every mother’s worry. What if we tell you that you can give your kiddos a treat that not only they will love but is also healthy?! The absolutely easiest way is to do it is to throw some fruit (blueberries, strawberries, bananas, mangos) in a popsicle mould and fill it up with our Aronia & Apple juice. You can also mix the juice with a spoonful or two of yoghurt for a creamier treat.

Turn it into lemonade

Another fantastic idea is adding half a bottle of our organic aronia berry juice to a jug of lemonade. It will give it a pop of colour but most of all, it will make it a delicious and healthy drink. Once again, we recommend using any of our organic honey variety to sweeten the lemonade. We guarantee that everyone will love it and you will be sure that you served your family the best and healthiest possible refreshment.

A wholesome dessert

Anyone needs a treat from time to time, in stressful times we tend to reach for sweets more often. What if we tell you that you can very easily make a dessert that is absolutely delicious and at the same time super healthy? You must have heard about chia seeds; they are another of the superfood’s range. You can mix them with milk and one of our juices for a delicious purple treat. If you fill in a few of pretty ice cream cups and leave in the fridge on Friday evening, you can serve them to your family for a weekend breakfast feast. We like to decorate it with a few slices of banana or a couple of blueberries.

Share your ideas to win a three-pack of juices!

We hope we showed you that incorporating foods that boost your immune system is actually very easy. You can now go to our shop, fill in your basket with the organic foods and start improving your daily routine. If you have any other ideas as to how to incorporate our healthy organic products and especially our super berry into your diet, please share with us. Leave a comment here, on our Instagram or Facebook page. We have a special prize for the most creative person – a set of 3 different flavours of our organic Aronia berry juice – pure Aronia, Aronia juice with Flax and Aronia & Apple juice.

Please also let us know if you would want us to share more detailed recipes.


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