Cucumbers in brine 650g

Naturally Pickled Gherkins


Ingredients: Cucumbers, Water, Garlic, Horseradish, Dill, Salt, Spices, Mustard
Packed: glass jar
Net weight: 650g
Country of origin: Poland
Keep refrigerated after opening


Our traditionally pickled gherkins are rich in fibre and Vitamin K, which helps prevent blood clotting.

Due to the traditional fermentation process, they are rich with healthy probiotic bacteria that support your gut health. They are the superfood of Eastern Europe that you are here to discover!


Unlike vinegar pickles that destroy nutrients in the process, our Cucumbers in Brine are chock-full of probiotics without compromising taste.


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Taste profile: Sour and crunchy

Goes great with sandwiches, burgers, and even in salads and soups!


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